Do you help with wardrobe?

Absolutely, yes.

My priority always was and always will be to capture authentic joy in your photos that will make you feel something for years and years to come, but I love when imagery is elevated by the esthetic.

Clothing guidelines will be designed around YOU and YOUR family.

While a white dress may cause one person's skin to glow, their eyes to pop and have their hair looking glossy, it can absolutely drain the color out of the next person.

We'll choose wardrobe that suits your family best so it allows the most beautiful versions of you to stand out.

What happens if my kids are moody and don't want to participate?

As we grow into adults, we're taught and we build all of these filters on our emotions so that we're 'appropriate'.

Kids don't yet have those filters and it's part of what is so brilliant about them.

I don't have any expectations for your kids other than them showing up just as they are. I will capture their bona fide personalities and create a space for them to have a good time.

I've been photographing children for over 12 years now and I've got a handful of tricks up my sleeve to shift gears if someone's feeling a little fussy.

Where are you located?

Depending on the season, I'll either be in Miami Beach, FL or Brooklyn, NY.

I generally spend winter in FL and spring, summer and fall in NY.

I've been dreaming about beautiful family photos, but being in front of the camera makes me SO uncomfortable. Can you help?

I get it completely. Most people feel pretty uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I'll be there to guide you through it. I like to create a carefree, happy space for you to just be and enjoy your family and provide gentle guidance on posing as we go along to make sure that you look happy AND beautiful.

What time of day do you shoot?

About 2 hours before sunset is the general sweet spot for scheduling a photo session as far as lighting goes, but our first priority is going to be to schedule around a time that works best for your family.

If your kids are happiest in the morning and start to unravel as bedtime approaches, then we would schedule for the morning.

While we may be more restricted as far as where we can have our session (shooting on the beach at 10am wouldn't be an option), this won't compromise the quality and beauty of your photos. I'll choose a location that works best for the time of day we're working with.