Dumbo, New York

Rolling up to ‘our spot’ in Dumbo on Sunday morning, I noticed a bunch of orange cones and no-parking street signs everywhere. I’ve been around. I knew that meant they were using my backdrop as a set to their movie. Stepping out of my car, I inhaled the way-too-cold-for-summer-clothing air.  “So we’ve got cold temps and no parking working against us today,” I thought.

A short while later we were all huddled in our make shift trailer (aka: the mini van) with the heat cranked up. A crew member graciously moved some cones and monitored the car so we could jump in and out to warm up. Despite NY overstepping its boundaries (it’s just what NY does), this family made Dumbo shine.

I lucked out again.

Best. Clients. Ever.

What a dream. I get to work with clients who become friends…people who speak my language and value the things that I do.

Now, I will quietly step to the background so these images can do the talking.

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