They got out of the car and instantly I saw this electricity between them. They literally sparked.

I love watching families interact. I love seeing the little nuances and the particular shade of crazy that’s proprietary to just them. The kind of awesome, awesome crazy when you have a handful of people who build their own little world around each other.

It’s magic to me. I left this session literally hopped up on their brilliant energy.

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I stepped on the gas again and felt the wheels spinning beneath me, but my car didn’t budge an inch.

It was 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and I was off ‘exploring’ for shoot locations. At some point during my little mission, I had gotten my car stuck in quick sand.

I kid you, not.

I had a photo session scheduled a couple of hours later and here I was, in Atlantic Beach with my 3,500 pound car, stuck in sand, with no people in sight.

No choice but to have a sense of humor about it, I started taking selfies with my now useless hunk of metal.

After my little photo op, I went into problem-solving mode. My first attempt was to shove wood planks under my wheels to see if that would give me some traction. FAIL.

I was on hold with Triple A (knowing all too well it would take them TOO long to get there…I had a shoot I had to show up for) and took a walk in the interim. I bumped into two very lovely guys who first assured me I was not completely off the wall. I wasn’t the first to end up in this particular pickle…and then offered to quite literally push my car out of the sand.


Cut to a couple of hours later, and my family rolled up.

It was 50 degrees….it was overcast….and we had the chilled ocean breeze…

It was straight up unexpectedly COLD.

But this family…my G-d, this family!! They stepped out the car with their faces glowing. They gave me 150% of themselves.

 We were playing Red Rover with the car as our home base. We cranked up the heat and used it as a warm-up zone.

Needless to say, it was quite a day…but all of that paled to the memories we created that afternoon.

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Rolling up to ‘our spot’ in Dumbo on Sunday morning, I noticed a bunch of orange cones and no-parking street signs everywhere. I’ve been around. I knew that meant they were using my backdrop as a set to their movie. Stepping out of my car, I inhaled the way-too-cold-for-summer-clothing air.  “So we’ve got cold temps and no parking working against us today,” I thought.

A short while later we were all huddled in our make shift trailer (aka: the mini van) with the heat cranked up. A crew member graciously moved some cones and monitored the car so we could jump in and out to warm up. Despite NY overstepping its boundaries (it’s just what NY does), this family made Dumbo shine.

I lucked out again.

Best. Clients. Ever.

What a dream. I get to work with clients who become friends…people who speak my language and value the things that I do.

Now, I will quietly step to the background so these images can do the talking.

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