Spending time back in Miami has really been blowing my mind to pieces. I grew up down here but left for NY 5 years ago. The city I’ve come home to today is not the city I left. Miami has extended far off the sandy shores. It’s developed some serious dynamism that’s as colorful as the art covered walls in Wynwood. Never in a million years would I imagine that a neighborhood which I used to avoid driving in after dark would become as vivacious and cultured as it is today.

And as colorful as these walls are…they somehow fade to the background when you’ve got two handsome little men in your frame.

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It’s almost impossible to cherish every single moment. We can’t just disregard life’s responsibilities to bask in their every cute expression and playful word.  There are errands to run, meals to make, homework to do, bedtimes, baths, booboos, carpooling, activities…

It is during the couple of hours where there is nothing to do but be present with the people who matter the most where it all comes full circle.

For just a bit of time to push it all aside and completely take in the faces that make your heart sing.

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