Bar Mitzvah Photos – Atlantic Beach

I stepped on the gas again and felt the wheels spinning beneath me, but my car didn’t budge an inch.

It was 2pm on a Sunday afternoon and I was off ‘exploring’ for shoot locations. At some point during my little mission, I had gotten my car stuck in quick sand.

I kid you, not.

I had a photo session scheduled a couple of hours later and here I was, in Atlantic Beach with my 3,500 pound car, stuck in sand, with no people in sight.

No choice but to have a sense of humor about it, I started taking selfies with my now useless hunk of metal.

After my little photo op, I went into problem-solving mode. My first attempt was to shove wood planks under my wheels to see if that would give me some traction. FAIL.

I was on hold with Triple A (knowing all too well it would take them TOO long to get there…I had a shoot I had to show up for) and took a walk in the interim. I bumped into two very lovely guys who first assured me I was not completely off the wall. I wasn’t the first to end up in this particular pickle…and then offered to quite literally push my car out of the sand.


Cut to a couple of hours later, and my family rolled up.

It was 50 degrees….it was overcast….and we had the chilled ocean breeze…

It was straight up unexpectedly COLD.

But this family…my G-d, this family!! They stepped out the car with their faces glowing. They gave me 150% of themselves.

 We were playing Red Rover with the car as our home base. We cranked up the heat and used it as a warm-up zone.

Needless to say, it was quite a day…but all of that paled to the memories we created that afternoon.

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